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    Hey thanks for joining the club…

    To open a donut business is a journey however you are not alone on that journey. It all starts with our entrepreneurial spirit to be successful with anything we do. New skills can be learned and with applied creativity you are well on your way for a recipe to success. The donut business is amazing because there are so many ways to monetize the business unlike traditional restaurant business models, whereby it is very difficult to gain daily contractual wholesale accounts and/or deliver hamburgers and/or gourmet food however you can deliver gourmet Donuts and make yeast donut dough to place the hamburgers on.

    This is yet another example of how the donut business can be monetized. Another example would be ice cream? Difficult to deliver ice cream however you can make donut ice cream cones and then wholesale the cones to local ice cream shops and that stands true for the hamburger buns made out of yeast donut dough because no one offers that?
    With applied creativity and initiation and motivation in the donut business can get you rich I’ve seen it happen!