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    Hello there! My name is Lester Chastain and I am the forum administrator and donut lover. I love Donuts and everything about the donut business. I enjoy being a donut business consultant because I get to travel and meet new people and see new sights and being an effective helper why I am there opening up new donut businesses.

    What in an amazing industry- the people the entrepreneurs and the communities I get to experience is every bit amazing as the Donuts I implement interviewed only businesses.
    I remember as a kid working in the donut shop with my uncle watching a donut hole being put in the showcase with my eyes more wide than a donut holes themselves. Just waiting to get my hands on them after all I was a kid what more could I ask for.

    Now that I have children they think I am just the best dad in the world because I am the donut guy, the donut maker That makes them fresh Donuts in the morning and brings them home Donuts from my trainings. We make a special event out of it every time. I am proud to be associated with the donut business and with you and look forward to continuing this discussion.

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